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pm steele

CP Julio Hirschfeld Mereles

Executive Director - PM Steele

"For more than a decade, Instalaciones en Productividad SC has been a strategic partner in the design and implementation of business models aimed at the profitability of our company.


Each project has left us an experience of growth and innovation thanks to the dynamic and professional approach of its entire team of

consultants "


"At the beginning of operations in 1998, FERROMEX had the need to establish and standardize processes on its more than 8 thousand kilometers of track, with a work team still in integration and with the challenge  that  we established  on  our Mission of  -provide  a  service  from  world-class rail transportation with  the  Taller  quality standards, reliable, safe, efficient, competitive  and profitable; that satisfies the  needs  from  our clients, staff, shareholders, suppliers and society

to contribute to the development of the country.


We achieved its implementation through the development of a business model that we called "Scheduled Railroad", which constituted a new and different way of operating and providing service and that was later certified in ISO 9000. In this process, INSPRO's participation was crucial. His professionalism, methodology and commitment allowed us to develop this project in an efficient and orderly manner.


I acknowledge and thank INSPRO for its contribution in making Ferromex the best transportation option "

Ing. Juan Carlos Miranda Hernández

Planning and Projects Director


andamios atlas

Lic. Jorge Larrea Molina

Managing Director

Andamios Atlas, SA de CV

"INSPRO was an important ally to implement a measurement scheme that would allow our organization to 'Increase productivity  and efficiency in operational areas', creating mechanisms with reliable standards, identifying the level of performance in the plant's operational processes and finding and correcting deviations in a timely manner.


The achievement of the objective achieved together  with  INSPRO, gave us an optimal level of service to internal and external clients ".

consultants "


Ing. Juan Pablo Casillas Araño Managing Director - Aviglass

"I am very pleased to share the great satisfaction that working hand in hand with a company such as INSPRO gives us, because thanks to their great professionalism and experience, they have helped us to direct the company towards very firm goals, counting today with processes that we never thought could exist.


I would never hesitate to continue recommending widely INSPRO or its entire team.


Thanks for this project !!! "

Obrador san pancho

Rubén Saúl Romero Juarez

Managing Director

Obrador San Pancho, SA de  CV

"INSPRO and its members are inspiring to strengthen and reaffirm the need we have as human beings to improve, their knowledge, empathy, intelligence and will achieved  that work in  team will change  organizational culture with a clear focus on continuous improvement.


Definitely in the process that we live for the ISO 9001: 2015 certification,  INSPRO  and his staff  fulfilled  his promise showing responsibility, professionalism  and toughness.


For this and more, I am happy to recognize INSPRO and its commitment to place companies  of the country at a performance level  global high grade  efficiency "


I ng. Javier Sánchez M.

Managing Director - Igsa Medical Services

IGSA Medica / Services, SA de CV, carried out the project of "Transition of the management system under the standards ISO 9001: 2015 quality management and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management and recertification OHSAS 18001: 2007 management in health and safety in the work ", in the Corporate and in the facilities of the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Zumpango and Regional Hospital of Tatuca located in the Federal District and State of Mexico, respectively, for which it hired the consulting services of Instalaciones en Productividad, SC , who demonstrated professionalism, responsibility, commitment, experience  and development  of a solid, useful IMS  and according to our needs.

Blue planet

"Through this channel I wish to express my appreciation for the work carried out by INSPRO and that they have led us to obtain the FSSC 22000 certification for the pineapple canning process in our Blue Planet Foods Mexico plant.


INSPRO delivers what it promises with a high degree of professionalism, commitment and responsibility. "

Julian Olmos

Managing Director

Blue Planet Foods Mexico


Ing. Mario Aguilar Climaco

Managing Director - WFI de México

"In our search to improve the quality of our services, WFI de México set out to find an advisor to guide us on the way to achieve it, and among several who were summoned we decided on INSPRO, which being a Mexican company with several years of experience From the first moment he showed us professionalism and seriousness in his work, his staff was involved with dedication and care, from the General Director to the assigned work team.

They guided us in a simple way to obtain the certification in ISO 9001 and through a record time we achieved the objective set for the certification.


This has laid the solid foundations for the system implemented in our company to work through our own staff, ensuring that it is always updated and working to achieve the objectives of quality services and continuous improvement in the company. For the above and without any doubt we recommend  widely services  from INSPRO to those who require them and decide to venture into the search  quality  and improving their systems. "

San rafael

LCP Agustín Preciado Ortíz General Director

Popular Box San Rafael

"In our search to improve the quality of our services, Caja Popular San Rafael, SC de AP de RL de CV, set out to find an advisor to guide us on the way to achieve it, and among several who were summoned we decided on INSPRO, Being a Mexican company with several years of experience, from the first moment it showed us professionalism and seriousness in its work, its staff was involved with dedication and care, from the General Director to the assigned work team.

They guided us in a simple way to obtain ISO certification  9001  and  to  through  from  a  In record time we achieved the objective set for the certification. This has laid the foundation  solid  for  that  the system implemented in our company works permanently, through our own staff, ensuring that it is always updated and operating to achieve the service objectives  quality and continuously in the company.


Therefore, and without any doubt, we highly recommend their services to those who require them and decide to venture into the search for quality and improvement of their systems ".

Pan bueo

Mr. Roberto Cárdenas

director general

Pan Bueno, SA DE CV

The services of Instalaciones en Productividad, SC were contracted with the aim of implementing a project "for the design and implementation of a safety management system as support for the standardization of plant operations and the formalization of the organizational structure" at Pan Bueno, SA de CV


Among the most relevant results are: the control of the operating areas through the establishment of  indicators, staff development in the management of information related to the analysis and taking of actions. Improvement in internal communication, integration of staff in problem solving and manufacturing of a safe product.

Therefore, I highly recommend the company Instalaciones  in Productivity, SC  and to its work team as a professional company, with the ability to meet the expectations and commitments raised with its clients.


Ing. Marcelo Belden Rangel General Director -  G-Box, SA de CV

Ing. Arturo Muñoz

Director of operations

G-Box, SA de CV

"The support with INSPRO was a total teamwork thanks to the accompaniment throughout the process. We never felt alone with the challenges that arose,  from the beginning  proposal  it was groundbreaking.


Before any business relationship, they arrived working with a diagnosis being very professional and accurate; It is always productive to work with data and to have a consultancy so close to us with the capabilities of INSPRO, in the rapid growth of our company it means trust and credibility with our clients.


We started with the implementation of ISO 22000, preparation for certification and it was possible to integrate the other two standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, giving us the advantage of having simultaneous certifications for the first time in GBox, in addition to ISO Standards and Internal Auditor training.


The Management Skills Diploma was also implemented for 42 leaders in our organization. The "Diploma in Management Skills for Effective Management" captured all my attention  and I consider  which is different from any  another maintains  involved  to the participants  until the end as it is very interactive.


I would like to thank INSPRO, as for us it meant a change in our work culture.

With much  thanks for  your support".

Global Bag

Lic. Luis Armando González García

Managing Director

Global Bag, SA de CV

Ing. Ramón Enrique Terrazas Lombardo

Director of operations

Global Bag, SA de CV

"We are a company that has been growing an average of 28% annually. Along this path, our environments and needs have also changed a lot and have become more complex. In this sense, INSPRO has been one of our great allies to face such growth, since they have helped us to achieve two fundamental things: 1. Systematization of written processes and 2. Implement a labor commitment at all levels, to comply with each of the systems that today make up the operations of the company.


This in turn helps us curve  growth  don't be so  dramatic, to improve  efficiency   from all departments  and by  go to  to get better  profitability  of the company ".

Global bag.png

Mr. José Luis Rueda Olascoaga Managing Director

Prorusa, SA de CV

Lic. Javier Rueda Muñoz Director of Operations at the Cristo Plant

Prorusa, SA de CV

"We are grateful to Instalaciones en Productividad, SC, for the support and experience provided, the team that participated carried out professional and quality work, from the operational diagnosis, finding very interesting areas of opportunity.

Facilities in Productivity helped us to improve ISO 9001 and we achieved the certification of FSSC 22000 + PAS 223, in addition to the successful implementation of the Order, Discipline and Cleanliness Program 5, s as a methodology to reinforce cultural change throughout the organization .

INSPRO is undoubtedly the best option as a continuous improvement project, to achieve the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Quality and Safety Management System ".


Lic. José Luis Rueda Muñoz

Operations Director for the May 10 Plant

Prorusa, SA de CV


Lic. Sebastián Karl Schultze Peragallo

Director of Administration and Finance

Rafmex,  Anonymous Society of Variable Capital

"As a family business that we are, the human factor is very important to us. That is why  is that before the offer of a diagnosis and, later, the implementation of manuals of the organization and its procedures that INSPRO made us, we take  the decision to use  its services.

Advice of this type is highly recommended for small companies seeking to formalize their internal structure.  by  the good  Of the same  and its collaborators ".


"We have worked with INSPRO on several occasions and the work they have done with us has been very professional, since they have extensive experience and knowledge. Guidance and follow-up are timely and personalized, they comply with their commitments in a timely manner.  that they acquire.

Working with them has been very satisfactory, because we have managed to keep our processes up to date, which results in significant efficiencies for the Group's companies. "

CP Luis Morales Robles

Managing Director

Credit Union for  Public Accounting


Ing. Armando García Yáñez

Industrial Operations Manager

Sika Mexicana, SA de CV

"At Sika Mexicana we believe that the future success of our company not only depends on following the correct strategy, but is also based on the trust and dedication of all our employees through the Sika Spirit.


For this reason, we seek to improve the performance of our planning processes in order to provide a better service to our clients and facilitate the daily work of the Operations staff. INSPRO successfully helped us to achieve this through a consultancy to develop the skills of the personnel involved in the Planning process, as well as new procedures that facilitate their work and, most importantly, improve the result.  of the Planning process.

During this process, the INSPRO team was always open to listening to suggestions for improvement, making changes to their plans and adapting to our schedule needs. "

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